Cloud Types
Cloud Formation
Cloud Types Part 1
Cloud Types Part 2
Cloud Classification
  • Cirrus - "mares' tails" clouds - wispy, feathery, with delicate fibres, streakes, or plumes.
  • Cirrostratus - clouds like veils, formed from fused sheets of ice crystals, having a milky look, with Sun and Moon halos.
  • Cirrocumulus - dappled clouds in small white flakes or tufts; occur in lines or groups, sometimes in ripples, forming a "mackerel" sky.

  • Cumulus - sharply outlined, puffy, billowy, flat-based clouds with swelling tops; associated with fair weather.
  • Cumulonimbus - dense, heavy, massive clouds associated with dark thunderstorms, hard showers, and great vertical development, with towering, cirrus-topped plume blown into anvil-shaped head.
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